Drop top madness – it’s the same every year

Our advice to anyone wanting to buy a convertible is to buy now, yes right this minute, or certainly within the next week. It would be funny if it wasn’t so ridiculous as every year the exact same thing happens. The sun pops out from behind the clouds, the days start to get a bit longer and although it is still cold the mere glimpse of a bit of blue sky and a hint of pale yellow sun is enough to get people thinking about a bit of warm air whistling through their hair.

Quite why not many people ever cotton on to this is as unfathomable to us as it may be to you. For some strange reason, like lemmings, drivers will sell in the winter and buy in the summer i.e. sell low and buy high, otherwise known as financial suicide.

The problem this year of course is that there are fewer cars around so that when it gets really hot in June and July (well I use the word “hot” very loosely) the price of convertibles could be actually end up being prohibitive for most people unless it’s a long term relationship.

Ironically enough people who get rid of cabs during the winter probably don’t even need to, it’s not like they rattle or leak anymore (well most don’t) so it must surely be some collective winter depression which leads to a resentment of all reminders of summer.

Any way those wanting to put their money into a bit of fun are certainly spoiled for choice in terms of variety, nearly every car maker has at least one in its stable and everyone will have their own favourite, mine, for the record, is the Audi TT roadster.

It may just pay however to move quickly as you never know the money you save might just go towards paying for a holiday, just in case it rains this summer.

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