European new car sales up 3.2% in February

European new car sales rose by 3.2% in February compared with February 2009, but fell almost 30% in Germany as its scrappage scheme ended.

A total of 1,000,754 new passenger cars were registered in the 28 countries monitored by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA).

Slumping sales in Germany were offset by gains in countries such as Italy and the UK which still have government incentives in place.

Toyota saw its European sales fall 20% after their massive recall undoubtedly hurt the brand selling just 42,234 cars in February, compared with 53,233 the same month a year ago.

The decline in car purchases in Germany meant that Volkswagen saw sales drop by 2.2%.

in France they added 18.2%, 20.6% in Italy and 47% in Spain.

But sales in several eastern European countries saw a sharp fall.

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