Taking the temperature of the trade and fearing the budget

Prices at auction seem to be showing no sign of slowing as good quality low mileage cars remain scarce, and dealers are already feeling the effects of the end of scrappage and wondering how they will fill the gap.
Buyers need to look carefully over the coming weeks and months for manufacturers offering their dealers incentives to shift more metal.

If you want a drop top we would suggest you probably have about two more weeks left to buy one at fairly sensible money before the funny season starts.

The other thing many dealers will be offering are 3 year servicing plans which can be great value for money and a good way of budgeting for your car use without receiving any nasty surprise bills every years. As dealers look to fill their workshops and combat the competition for great servicing offers it can only be of benefit to consumers but remember to compare and contrast whilst buying your car and considering its long term care but also its future value in terms of having that precious manufacturer logo stamped in the service book.

March and into April will continue to see really competitive finance rates on PCP’s and APRs on HP deals in general will be way better than anything you can get on the high street, but again make sure you compare for yourself.

Meanwhile it was only a matter of time before the set became complete; fuel is about to reach 120p a litre and the bloke with the strange eyebrows is about to give us one for good measure.

It’s that time of year folks, a budget is coming followed by an election and who is an easy target? Why the motorist of course. They never complain (well no so far but are now being pushed to the limit), need to use their car just to live a normal life or go about their business and always pay their taxes, what a lovely soft target. What a sure thing as far as coughing up cash we really are.

I would call for an uprising but I know we are all too busy to get involved, no we will just carry on taking it and just hope that someone someday may stop playing politics with our lives.

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