Slower month for April?

Some dealers are predicting a slower month in April, as we have lost the best part of a week to the Easter break it’s a good job the weather hasn’t been great or it could be a lot worse! Prices at the ring seem to be easing off slightly although again that could be down to the short break. Quality retail worthy stock continues to be difficult to source with many buyers reporting that there are lots of high mileage cars missing the boat at sale but those lovely low mileage 'Alans' are proving far more tricky to source. The problem with paying more for stock which everyone else wants is that the uplift doesn’t necessarily transfer to the retail price and customers would rather wait than pay over the odds, It seems sure that q2 will prove a harder proposition for selling cars than certainly the last 2 months have been although some areas have seen better than expected numbers coming through in the used car sector. The lack of new car stock available is certainly having an adverse effect on some makes and models and this is affecting car makers across Europe.

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