webuyanycar review – They will buy any car but beware of the asterisk

Buy any car?

Well yes but it pays to read the smallprint.
webuyanycar reviewThere is no doubt that used car buying sites such as we buy any car or we will buy your car amongst others, are very easy to navigate and do make the process of selling your car straightforward and stress free. If you are in a position to sell your car (hopefully in order to buy a new one) then the hassle involved in selling privately can be quite daunting. Equally the perception that you will not get the best (or even a true or fair) trade price for your car when part-exchanging with a car dealer is a powerful one. However when using these services (or any service that makes everything easy, “pain free” and puprports to “buy any car” to be fair) it pays to be cautious and look at the small print at any miscellaneous costs involved to be absolutely sure you understand the eventual price you will be given for your car.

Remember that despite the strap line these site use of selling rather than part-exchanging, purporting to buy any car and getting a better deal as a result, if you are selling a car which is being replaced by a model in the same brand, the car dealer will almost certainly give you a better price for your old car than you will get elsewhere because it will provide another profit opportunity which they will not want to miss out on.

For convenience and the fact that you will be offered a definite price by the on line buying sites they are well worth investigation even if only to use as a marker when attempting to negotiate on another car.


However our advice is to proceed with caution as it is worth remembering that the online car buying sites will be remarketing your car for a profit so it may not be the best price possible but really just a trade price. Also alongside your quotation will be a little Asterisk, this will carry the caveat that the valuation is subject to a physical inspection and contract and that an “administration fee” will apply and when the time comes for your car to be purchased the online valuation may be chipped away at.

These sites make it clear that you need to be truthful about the condition of your car and give you the opportunity to detail any imperfections but anything missed, such as scuffed alloys, bumper marks, scratches or marks on the upholstery will all cause the price to drop. If your valuation has been reduced following the inspection but you have the buyer right there on your doorstep saying they will CHAP transfer the cash into your bank account straight away there probably aren’t too many people who will cancel the transaction at that point and therefore will accept the lower figure.

A quick visit to webuyanycar’s review centre page for example will reveal a host of people who were unpleasantly surprised by the eventual price they received so it will definitely pay to go in with your eyes open.

With all that said, the rise and rise of sites that tell you they buy any car and will make the whole process as easy as possible surely indicates that consumers are just not happy with what they are being offered for their car (if anything) at car dealerships, and are finding that selling their car direct is by far the easier option.

We talk about car dealers smartening up their act and getting in on this valuable business in the article titled “Dealers will soon buy any car

Finally remember if a business states they “buy any car” for them it’s a numbers game but they’ll win more than they lose!

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2 Responses to webuyanycar review – They will buy any car but beware of the asterisk

  1. steve bailey February 7, 2011 at 7:56 pm #

    I sold my car via this kind of website (I would rather not mention which one) and although they tried to pay me less than they originally offered by making some spurious claim that it had some damage that I had not told them about, I spoke to the manager and got what they quoted me, and I have to say it was a lot more than any dealer quoted me and that from the ones that bothered to reply. I found that although if I had carried on shopping around I may have got more, the ease of someone coming to my house paying the money into my account and giving me the flexibility to go and buy another car without some smart arse trying to baffle me with figures, I think that it worked for me but I didnt have a car whilst I looked for my next car it may not suit everyone but there needs to be a balance.

  2. John Collins February 28, 2012 at 10:57 am #

    I entered into an agreement with ‘wewillbuyyourcar.com’ to purchase my vehicle and was honest as I could be about the condition of the car and had quite a detailed telephone converation with the company repreentative and made it absolutely clear that the vehicle was appproachng three years old and had it’s last service just under a year ago. However when their driver arrived (I even collected him from the local train station) he was able to spot a few minor marks to the bodywork (only requiring ‘smart’ repairs) that my untrained eye did not see but when I got the telephone call from the representative following the driver’s report he only tried to reduce the price by £522 and when I queried why the figure was so high for a few minor blemishes he proceeded to tell me he had also deducted the cost of a full service (and presumably MOT) despite our earlier discussion.

    I suggested his driver ordered a taxi back to the station and when I went outside to collect the car keys the driver was already on his way – I sent a complaint into “wewillbuyyourcar.com” by e-mail and would you believe it I’ve not had a reply from them after almost a week – what a surprise.

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