Time to change?

The car buying public will have some interesting choices presented to them during the slightly quieter times of the next few months. With showroom tax taking effect, rising fuel prices hitting the pumps and a potential decline in part exchange values finding a good deal may be harder to come by than for the last 18 months. When parting with your precious pounds it will be imperative to look at all aspects of the decision to change your car. For example at different times of the year - like now when summer is just about with us and a feel good factor takes over - it is very easy to make buying decisions based on mood rather than necessity. It would be a good idea, when starting the process, to consider a few things such as; Do I need to change my existing car for reasons other than just fancying a change? With some cracking servicing offers available at present is it worth taking advantage and continuing with my current car? Are there new models coming to market which light my fire? Is the uncertainty about who may form the next government likely to affect my circumstances or outlook? These may seem a bit farfetched but taking the time to weigh up all the options now can save potential problems later. Ironically car dealers themselves are doing everything to ensure that buying a new car is the right thing to do now in terms of the incentives being offered, and interestingly with reports of fairly steady showroom traffic the incentives may just be having the desired effect.

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