Dealers still upbeat

Although the trade is not quite in the excited state it was at this time last year, as we commence the second quarter there is cautious optimism about the year ahead. The fact that our darling chancellor mostly played it safe – now there’s a surprise – meant that for the motorist and the people responsible for looking after them the news at least in the short term is fairly positive.

Obviously we have highlighted the increases which are coming into place but this does not seem to have dampened enthusiasm in the trade and anticipation for a positive year ahead.

Prices on the used car front remain firm, there appears to be a steady flow of keen customers and the fact that the sun has started to shine and this horrible permanent cold chill is bringing plenty of goodwill into the thinking of all involved.

Of course this feel good factor will only be as good as the people experiencing it and dealers will need to continue to work hard over the coming months.

As one manger told me recently; ‘this is the easy time it will only get harder from now on’! But then again he was always a pessimistic kind of bloke anyway and I should know I worked with him for 10 years!

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