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The election is over, the coalition is getting up close and personal and although there is a certain amount of trepidation about cutting billions in spending, the conveyor belt which is the motor trade just keeps marching inexorably onwards and hopefully upwards. It’s funny but as the election fever dies down our insiders are saying that it’d been like the flick of a switch or the tap getting turned on again, with buyers looking to bag themselves a deal, maybe because with VAT threatening to rise to an eye watering 20% it may be best to buy now. The auction houses are still filled with cars but conversion rates have tailed off significantly although this will probably ease off again over the next few months. There is a definite long term shortage of retail worthy late plate used cars which goes towards explaining how their values are holding up. Like one of our correspondents has mentioned the perceived great value for money cars such as Focus, Astra, Mini and Golf especially in the £3-5k range will continue to be chased by the trade and buyers alike. Along with speccy cars with strong residuals for the monthly payment market all in all a picture which appears to be changing on a weekly basis, and as one insider told us it’s now time to make sure that every lead is maximised. In good times there are lots of potential buyers on the showroom floor and sales people can become over confident and blasé, safe in the knowledge that there were plenty more leads where that one came from, it is now time to treat every prospect as if it were your last. By making the required effort not only will the chances of maximising a sale be far greater but the buyer should be assured of a thorough presentation and demonstration of the products on offer.

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