Car buyers still making the same old mistakes

Cars are the biggest purchase that people are likely to make outside of a house, and for that reason alone car buying should be a serious business. Car dealers need to understand how confusing it can sometimes be for customers to arrive at the right decision when the salesperson attempts to demonstrate their own particular selection of cars in stock. Apparently buyers want a big choice but at the same time want to arrive at a quick decision and, with time being of the essence car buying is given the same importance by many as the weekly shop. OK that maybe a slight exaggeration but it still appears that customers are regretting buying a particular car because they have not treated the process quite as seriously as perhaps the investment warranted. The trade is showing no signs of a lessening in the amount of nearly new privately bought cars which are coming back on the market as a result of a hasty purchase (no doubt allowing the previous owners to repent at leisure). We of course will carry on banging the research, compare and contrast drum, but the phrase 'you can lead a horse to water' springs to mind. Yet another seemingly educated and successful person recently had a mishap when one of our insiders encountered him back in the showroom wanting to change a car he discovered his wife could not stand. Only on this occasion the loss, which was bridged at about £3,200 by the time the deal on the new car was completed, was not about whether the car was right because it was exactly what the lady wanted, no it was something far simpler the colour. When a lady says she wants black she doesn’t mean grey or charcoal she means black! Fortunately this particular customer apparently has plenty of resources, which is just as well, and alongside that clearly a lady who knows what she wants. So what is the moral of this particular story? Well we constantly fear for people who make hasty buying decisions where cars are concerned, because that sort of slip up invariably causes misery and embarrassment, not to mention financial pain to all involved, but sometimes you have to just let them get on with it I guess.

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