Caution pays

When there is a recession in town, buyers look for bargains and cost savings across the board and especially so when buying cars. Unfortunately in their quest to find a cheap car people often overlook quality issues and the car can turn out to be not quite the cost saving it promised to be.

For example with more private buyers visiting car auctions today they need to have their wits about them more than ever, with lots of main dealer part exchanges entered it is important to remember that as the job becomes harder for the trade, the more desperate sales people are to do a deal.

They often cut corners in the way they will appraise a part-exchange and allow customers a price on the trade-in which doesn’t necessarily merit its condition. Of course this is good for the buyer who is trading the car in, but for the bargain hunter it can often mean that any potential cost saving is swallowed up in putting right a ‘nail’ because they didn’t check the car thoroughly enough before bidding on it.

The advice we would give when buying a car in this manor, or indeed from any source during harder times, is to check the paperwork thoroughly and full service history should mean full main dealer history or at least evidence of regular servicing via a service book or print out. Watch out for high mileage ex-taxis or police cars which are not as desirable as private or leased cars but will be cheaper as a consequence.

Look out for signs of accident and panels which are out of line and differences in paint colour, you can afford to be choosy when the market is slower and when there is more choice about it pays to make an informed decision and wait until the right car becomes available before parting with your hard earned cash.

In other words be cautious or you really could end up with more than you bargained for!

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