The Facebook generation are more likely to buy their cars online

Shrewd dealers are gearing up for the future of car sales by becoming much more proactive with their internet marketing. Many dealers have already seen how successful selling more exotic or unusual cars has been when they cast their net a little further afield.

Unlike the old days when loud colours and unusual combinations might mean the kiss of death locally, in the national nature of web marketing these are now seen as profitable cars with consumers prepared to buy online and travel long distances to secure the car they want.

Many dealers are starting to see the importance of employing internet specialists who are solely responsible for updating their used car listings and ensuring that the quality of the description and images put out are of the best possible quality and that they are advertised as soon as the car lands at the dealership.

They are also being tasked with ensuring that special offers and promotions are communicated across all their web real estate, and with data capture being on top of the salespersons process when engaging with new customers it is only a matter of time before databases will contain more email addresses than phone numbers, such is the rise and growth of the net.

The day that the majority of buyers complete their purchase online from start to finish may still be a way off but evidence shows that as car makers constantly improve the quality of their products and reliability becomes less of an issue, the next generation of car buyers might think a little differently.

These people are today’s Facebook generation and are far more likely to be bound by time constraints in this impatient world, in other words they are also members of the “now generation”.

They will also have done sufficient research online and would have sought and received feedback and opinion from their online community of friends and colleagues to not only choose which model they want but where they will buy it from.

They will think nothing of having the whole process conducted on line and the car delivered to them without even seeing the inside of a showroom.

Seems a shame that with manufacturers and dealers investing in the aesthetics of their facilities, that in future there may be less people to enjoy them, but I guess its called progress isn’t it?

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2 Responses to The Facebook generation are more likely to buy their cars online

  1. Simon Norman June 4, 2010 at 4:22 pm #

    I feel that this article covers an important side of the story: dealers need to keep pace with the social media revolution and be part of it otherwise they are likely to lose out. However, if things continue evolving at this fast pace, couldn’t we also imagine that people are going to use social media to sell their used car direct to their extended network, thus cutting the dealer out? It would be interesting to hear other’s people thoughts on whether this is likely to happen one day and if yes, when!

  2. edward symes June 6, 2010 at 5:23 pm #

    I think its already happening , I know of friends and people they know who are already talking to eachother about a plumber they have used and a garage for fixing their car, so its only a matter of time before it becomes a kind of classified carboot sale if you like with people selling to people on the basis of facebook. It may still be a way off but if my own kids are anything to go buy if aint on facebook it aint on!

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