World Cup means bargains in June

The world cup is looming large on the horizon and the motor trade is bracing itself for a potentially quiet month. Of course the fact that half the nation will be glued to their flat screens with a can of carling clasped tightly in their hands means that dealers will need to come up with some innovative special offers to entice people into their showrooms.

It will certainly be a good time to try and bag a bargain as dealers will not want the slowdown being experienced in May to continue much longer, not if they don’t want the good work done in the first quarter to be wasted.

There is certainly more stock around than at any time in recent months, although this situation is not expected to last longer than the next couple of months when patterns should return to normal.

Dealers will need to alleviate themselves of ageing stock and keep their working capital under strict control and this will clearly lead to some distress selling in the coming weeks. It is therefore vital for anyone looking to upgrade their car to ensure that they thoroughly do their homework when looking for that next model, and I would suggest stinking around mid to late June when dealers will certainly be keenest to do a good deal.

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