Car Makers Premier League – June 2010

It’s time once more for the Car Makers Premier League where each and every month we examine the top 20 manufacturers by number of units registered and see just how they look when compared with the previous month. At the end of the year who will be crowned champion? Who will drop out of the top 20 as the year unfolds and which high achievers will be promoted? Carrying on with the season and June’s statistics (based on the SMMT figures for UK new car registrations in June 2010) continue the encouraging theme of recent months with all but the bottom five of the top twenty manufacturers being able to post an increase on June 2009. The headline figure for the month is a 10.8% increase but it ought to be remembered that the market was already down 15.7% in June 2009 on the year before. Overall the top 12 positions all outperformed the market this month. March was the last full month for scrappage but registrations carried forward are still trickling into the figures with just over 0.5% of June’s registrations being down to the scheme. The post-scrappage marketplace is really starting to affect some brands now with recent heavyweights Hyundai and Kia dropping to 20th and 18th positions respectively with drops of 16% for Kia and 21% for Hyundai Last month's new sheriff in town Renault continue their outstanding turnaround and stay at the top with a massive 210% increase on June last year. 12 months ago who would have predicted that? Renault are certainly making great strides as results from the recent Auto Express Driver Power 2010 survey revealed that the French Manufacturer's dealer network was ranked as the 15th best in the UK, up from 30th place last year. This improvement was accompanied by similar rises in terms of a range of satisfaction criteria, including helpfulness and attitude, technical knowledge, value for money and workmanship. So, who knows? Renault may be staying at the top for quite some time. For the first time ever no manufacturer has dropped out of the top 20 this month so we just have a shuffling of positions. Slightly better news this month for Honda rising up from the bottom last month to 17th with a 10% decline of 731 units on last year. It’s been a good month too for Vauxhall, who jump from 13th to 4th with a 44% increase on June 2009. Vauxhall also have the two best selling models this month with the Astra and Corsa shifting over 20,000 units between them. All in all not a bad month and certainly not as bad as many were predicting but with the SMMT expecting the coming months to be “extremely challenging” (or in football parlance “squeaky bum time”) we shall be keeping a keen eye on developments.
POSManufacturerJune 2009June 2010Diff%
2(2) 2105306896346
5(12) 28454031118642
6(15) 1256116437387631
7(3) 2706351480830
8(16) 55116840132924
9(5) 3477425177422
10(19) 69948532153822
11(10) 77508931118115
12(9) 964810679103111
13(7) 466549252606
14(8) 514353261834
15(14) 9909101102012
16(17) 74087028(380)(5)
17(20) 70246293(731)(10)
18(11) 49454169(776)(16)
19(18) 2980323716(6087)(20)
20(6) 52654136(1129)(21)

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