Colour me average

According to recent research used car buyers are most likely to buy a blue or black 5 door hatchback which is 3 years or older. Does that sound like you? Well believe it or not this particular demographic accounts for more than 40% of cars sold in the UK so far this year.

The fact that so many buyers fit into this sector obviously indicates that we love our hatchbacks here in the UK whereas interestingly on the continent and in the US they prefer saloon (or sedan) cars.

It also has a lot to do with budget as many cars suffer the bulk of their depreciation in the first three years of use, and blue, black and now silver are seen as a safe pair of hands in the colour charts.

If you are looking to join a large percentage of the rest of the car buying public you now know how to keep up with the joneses. Having said that, car dealers will tell you that a premium is increasingly being paid for the more exotic or “different” colours being offered by manufacturers and therefore, presumably will be more sought after in the future and be worth more when re-selling.
Watch this space.

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