Keep an eye out for car manufacturer “pack deals”

At certain times of the year, especially when things go a bit quiet, franchised car dealers and their manufacturer masters will get their heads together and negotiate ‘pack’ deals. These deals mean the dealer receives enhanced discounts for buying a large volume of a particular model, which they can then build a campaign around.

Of course, from a customer point of view, if the models in question are of interest the deals can be spectacularly good and can often mean thousands off the recommended retail list price.

The trick of course is identifying when these deals are around because if the numbers are limited the deals don’t last for long.

We will in the next few weeks be doing some of this research for you, attempting to identify what we consider are recession busting deals and where to locate them.

At the same time we advise all our readers and subscribers to do their homework and investigate any offers from local dealers and by trawling the net for any special deals.

A small clue; if a promotion is being marketed as a volume purchase “special” and there are plenty of the same models being offered you can be reasonably certain that there could be potentially thousands of pounds cheaper than if they had been purchased under normal market conditions.

So watch this space and see if you can locate a auterity busting bargain.

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