The shape of things to come part 134

Marketing used cars has reached an exciting new stage, as the internet paves the way for more advanced classified ads; we are now seeing the images come to life in the form of a fully fledged car review on video accompanying the main advert.

If you go any of Inchcape’s Volkswagen homepages and click on used cars (example here) they have formed a link with a company called Car & Driver which provides video reviews of all the models listed. Car & Driver are a publishing organisation which provides editorial content to regional newspapers, specialist magazines, car manufacturers and dealers. The videos themselves are in the form of a road test report and cover all aspects of ownership of a particular model.

The benefit to a car dealer group like Inchcape is obvious, why let an interested potential car buyer leave your site to seek out information about a car? Why not provide all the information they are likely to need on the same site and coral them into making an appointment. This is called “funnelling visitors” in internet marketing and it is very successful if done correctly.

Although ultimately these videos will only provide the opinion of yet another motoring journo they do provide valuable information about mpg, comfort, performance etc which is presented in a no nonsense way.

This approach certainly gives the buyer another angle which car dealers hope will advance them along the decision making process just that bit further.
Searching for used cars online has become the quickest way of accessing hundreds of models of interest nationally.

With this latest piece of innovation aiding the search, it can only be a matter of time before buyers arrive at the showroom for a nominal test drive away from the dealer having secured themselves a great used car.

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