Diesel do nicely

With fuel prices spiralling out of control once more, car drivers are being hit where it hurts more than most. What with VAT set to rise and new car prices having already creeping upwards It makes the job of finding a car which will not cost the national debt to maintain that much harder. It seems it is either price hikes or cuts but no increase in wages and potential job losses. I hope for all our sakes that the new coalition government are going to get this right otherwise can the last one to leave please switch off the lights. It is no surprise to see that last month for the first time sales of cars with diesel engines outperformed their petrol counterparts. The rise of diesels has been quite phenomenal and the range of engines is equally as impressive as the petrol alternatives. The performance coupled with the economy of diesels means that drivers are happy to pay the additional upfront and fuel costs knowing that the mpg will more than make up for the extra over time. Perhaps the best thing about modern diesel engines, apart from the performance and fuel economy, is the refinement. No longer do you get that rattle and plume of black smoke until the engine’s warmed up once the glow light had gone out. The fact that many diesel cars can outrun their petrol equivalents in terms of take off speed means the stigma of owning a diesel has long since subsided. A good example of this was when a friend recently told me that his petrol Honda CRV which he bombed down the motorway in everyday was now prohibitively expensive due to the fuel costs against the mileage he was covering and he was prepared to consider absolutely anything as long as it covered in excess of 60 mpg. Well we went five better than that and found him a 52 plate Audi A2 1.4 TDI SE which has admittedly does have a 3 cylinder strange sounding hairdryer type engine and only 4 seats but does a whopping 65 mpg on a run and the £5,000 he spent he reckons is one of the best decisions he’s ever made. So I say anyone looking to sell a frugal sipper of fuel hold out for top money during this recession because people are going to want them. Asda lowers fuel prices - 17.08.2010

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