Q couldn’t make it up!

We always scratch our heads when we don’t receive good service, OK we probably don’t we just get upset, but for the purposes of this article we scratch our heads. A situation which happens far too regularly and doesn’t seem to go away maybe illustrates why getting the service part right is so vital.

Here’s the story, see if it sounds familiar; a customer who just happens to have a few quid decides he wants to change his 4wd. He currently drives an X5 and quite fancies another one although he is pretty open minded for suggestions on alternatives. He goes on-line to do a spot of research and now his wife is involved they decide they could consider the Audi Q7. Obviously this is something we would encourage as it’s always good to see 2 heavyweights up against each other – may the best man win.

So he calls his local Audi dealer to arrange to have a demo car to test drive for the day. Not too unreasonable a request given the potential cost but think again, the local Audi sales prevention department decide that it’s just not possible to do this but he can come on down to the showroom and be accompanied by a sales manager for an hour long demo (of course it is all about controlling the sales process).

Well that’s a good start but our man persevered and went on to explain that he currently has an X5 and is seriously looking to change into the Q7 but would like to use it for the day before making a decision, hoping to convince them he was serious. After somewhat of an interrogation, getting the big guns involved and having offered a DNA sample he is allowed to use the car for a day. Great news you would think and the dealer, having given in to the customer demands, would be right up for ensuring they do everything to make that sale.
Unfortunately not.

Our buyer, having been impressed with the Audi, dropped the car off at the agreed time and hung around to speak to someone about furthering the enquiry. After 20 minutes of waiting and being ignored by a variety of personnel our man exited the showroom anticipating the phone call from the keen enthusiastic sales guy.

Well all we can say as of 3 weeks later, and whilst driving around in his new Mercedes ML, he has heard nothing at all from Audi. How this dealership could loan out a car for a day, albeit after a fair bit of negotiation and then fail to carry out even the simplest of follow-ups is mind-boggling.

Ah, we hear you say, it was an X5 or Q7 he was after so why the ML instead? And here we think is the lesson. He decided that it was more important to him to have a local dealer that he trusted to look after him and his car and although he found that the Q7 suited his needs more than the others and the dealer was on his doorstep he compromised on the car but not on the service. Mercedes 1 Audi 0, you could say.

We just think it reiterates the fact that every customer needs to be treated with the utmost care and, as this true story indicates, how important being “looked after” is.
When we asked our man how he viewed the whole experience he said ‘I have money to spend and can spend it anywhere I just need help to spend it as enjoyably as possible’ you can’t really argue with that.

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