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The VW Polo has always been a popular car but it is now more popular than ever. Car buyers looking to downsize and economise have moved over to the Polo not only because of the well known VW build quality but also because it is a very economical car to own and run. In the latest car registration figures for August 2010 the Polo joined its big brother the Golf in the top ten shifting just under 1,200 units. The Polo has been around since 1975 when it started life as a re-badged version of the old Audi 50 and has subsequently passed through 5 different incarnations and various “facelifts” along the way. The current version is the MKV (“mark 5”) and in the UK VW provides the supermini car buyer with 40 different models to choose from, which breaks down as follows;
ModelDoorsEngineOutputTransmissionVW OTR price
S31.2605 speed manual £9,790
S51.2605 speed manual £10,390
S31.2705 speed manual £10,445
S51.2705 speed manual £11,045
S A/C31.2605 speed manual £10,490
S A/C51.2605 speed manual £11,090
S A/C31.2705 speed manual £11,145
S A/C51.2705 speed manual £11,745
BlueMotion TDI31.2755 speed manual £14,445
BlueMotion TDI51.2755 speed manual £15,045
Moda31.2605 speed manual £11,175
Moda51.2605 speed manual £11,775
Moda31.2705 speed manual £11,830
Moda51.2705 speed manual £12,430
Moda A/C31.2605 speed manual £11,875
Moda A/C51.2605 speed manual £12,475
Moda A/C31.2705 speed manual £12,530
Moda A/C51.2705 speed manual £13,130
SE31.2605 speed manual £11,175
SE51.2605 speed manual £11,775
SE31.2705 speed manual £11,830
SE51.2705 speed manual £12,430
SE31.4855 speed manual £12,420
SE51.4855 speed manual £13,020
SE31.4857 speed auto DSG£13,660
SE51.4857 speed auto DSG£14,260
SE TDI31.2755 speed manual £13,315
SE TDI51.2755 speed manual £13,915
SE TDI31.6755 speed manual £13,240
SE TDI51.6755 speed manual £13,840
SEL31.4855 speed manual £13,720
SEL51.4855 speed manual £14,320
SEL31.4857 speed auto DSG£14,960
SEL51.4857 speed auto DSG£15,560
SEL TSI31.21056 speed manual £14,710
SEL TSI51.21056 speed manual£15,310
SEL TDI31.6905 speed manual £15,140
SEL TDI51.6905 speed manual £15,740
GTI31.41807 speed auto DS£18,275
GTI51.41807 speed auto DS£18,875
As you can see there is quite a spread in price, from the “S” 3 door “poverty model” that doesn’t even have air conditioning (really? Yes really!) at £9,790 to the range-topping 5 door GTI almost double the price at £18,875. So what does the trade think? There is no doubting that the new Polo has so far been a great success and apart from the fact that the base models don’t come with a/c and VW still want around £10,000 for one is perhaps the only negative. Although relatively expensive the trade like the Polo because it has a following, is reasonably easy to sell and as it looks like the Golf’s kid brother. It is a car which anyone can drive. Indeed many sales managers are so keen on the car they are taking advantage of staff discounts and buying them for their wives and that is an endorsement in itself. In the trade the choice as a used car has been somewhat limited by the relative lack of supply with certain models, however any of the models with the DSG transmission are great news and the diesels continue to impress. The re-sale value is very strong so far and even the little 1.2 60 PS unit is a great little car which is good because that is the only unit which is fairly easy to get hold of at present. You can’t really miss with this car.

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2 Responses to Inside the…VW polo

  1. Rolly September 30, 2010 at 2:26 pm #

    Love your blog here. I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts, and will be back for more.

  2. Looney February 14, 2011 at 10:18 am #

    Awesome review, guys. I agree; a lot more people are looking to downsize and economise. The VW Polo seems like the appropriate vehicle.

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