A bad car salesman always judges a book by its cover

Sales people are funny creatures. Many would rather worry about what car they drive rather than how much money they earn, and for some having the right pen or wallet and wearing a sharp suit make them think they have truly arrived.

Forget the fact they may not have sold any cars this week, as long as they look good they think they can get away with it, Gareth Cheesman is alive and kicking in many dealerships and the slick back look has never really gone out of fashion.

What is even funnier is the fact that as a sales guy goes from dealer to dealer and franchise to franchise in search of selling a better car to a better class of customer the self importance gauge moves ever closer to the full mark. Pity the poor customer who comes to their desk looking for help if they haven’t got an appointment, they will be lucky to even be acknowledged.

Many customers experience the ‘look’ everyday and it is never better than when one is dismissed after ‘Gareth’ has made up his mind they can’t afford what he is selling and spends his time trying to rid himself of this nuisance and get back to his GQ magazine, only to experience the crushing humiliation when the scruffy customer pulls onto he forecourt in his brand new Porsche that someone else took the time to sell him

It maybe a generalisation but go to a ‘posh’ dealership in the west end or the city and you will almost certainly find one of these narcissistic sales guys.
Sadly for them but perhaps not for everyone else, who will usually end up working in a clothes store or back with their fathers engineering company but hey at least they look good.

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