Even when buying a car, every little helps

Whilst all and sundry are worrying and fretting about cost savings and cuts, we need to start looking at ways of making car buying and maintenance as cost effective as possible. Here are some simple tips and advice when considering where to go.

Car dealers are battling hard for your business always make an offer whether it is to buy a car have a service or buy accessories.

Make sure you do your research first, is their another cheaper alternative of a car which will do the same job, but you are simply not buying the badge? Remember they don’t really make a bad car anymore.

Are you getting the best value for your current car in part-exchange? Does it look best in class when taking it for a valuation? A simple £40 valet could make all the difference when presenting it to the dealer, and always have all the paperwork relating to the car and any work carried out for the dealer to inspect; it will make a more compelling case for increasing your PX value.

Set your budget before you start looking, if you can’t find the exact model consider alternatives but do not be tempted to overstretch yourself as it could be very costly if you then can’t afford it and have to sell quickly. Trade tip: Dealers can smell a desperate seller and will always “low ball” where they can so don’t get into that situation in the first place.

Look at funding solutions very closely, don’t necessarily think that your high street bank will be cheaper, car dealer finance is often much cheaper, although when comparing ensure you include the upfront admin fee and last payment fee which will always be charged by car dealer finance companies and can be as much as £300.

Look at protecting your investment and how you can pay for all your motoring needs through one monthly payment, there are some great servicing deals on offer and always ask if any models attract 0% or low rate finance, it isn’t always bad to just go ahead and ‘buy the deal’

Never be embarrassed to ask if anything else can be thrown in and always let the dealer know you are ready to deal; he will try much harder to get the deal you want if you are committed.

Always compare used cars on the web before setting out to look, there can be massive savings if a dealer is selling a similar model that is ‘over age’ (How to turn a car dealers stock ageing policy to your advantage)

The cost of insurance is also key and there are massive savings to be had but always compare the excess and terms before committing.

By intimating to a dealer that you are interested in one of his used cars always try and get a feel for what sort of discount is available before setting out, once you are in the showroom you are in his yard and it can be very seductive and tempting to just accept the first deal.

Don’t be afraid to ring your local dealer when looking for servicing quotes to give them a target figure, they want your aftersales work and will do a deal, if not go elsewhere.

Always try and get tax, warranty, mats and fuel included when finalising a deal, you will be amazed at the cost savings if you can get some or all these things thrown in.

There are a few to be getting on with and to many it will be common sense but now, more than ever, dealers need to be working hard to get your business, and as the weeks go buy and 2011 is upon us cost saving tips when spending money in the car world will be all the rage.

As another famous retailer is fond of saying; ‘every little helps’.

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One Response to Even when buying a car, every little helps

  1. Ford pickup Trucks November 3, 2010 at 7:40 am #

    Every little bit helps and you need to do your research when buying a car.
    I saw some articles recently that discussed this issue. Used cars are in demand in this economy and car dealerships actually make more off most used cars than new cars since it’s harder to judge the value of a used car (no two used cars are exactly the same). Add to that the warranties and such that dealers add plus the higher financing costs and used cars are sometimes not really cheaper.

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