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BMW 1 Series Review

The BMW 1 series has been around since 2004 and comes in four different body styles; 3 and 5 door hatchback, coupe and convertible. In this article we will be concentrating on the hatchback version.

The BMW 1 Series was shares many elements with its big brother the larger 3 Series and the model was originally conceived to provide a lower entry point into the BMW range as the 3 Series moved gradually up-market

BMW’s are always perceived as “driver’s cars” and the 1 series is no exception, with superb performance and great handling.

Of course a great “driver’s car” may not necessarily allow for a great passenger experience with the cramped rear and hard ride proving problematic on long journeys. The practicalities of a small boot space may also be a problem for some.

With the 1 series hatchback BMW offer 34 variations ranging from the 3 door 116i ES / Sport petrol at 122bhp and £17,610 to the 5 door 123d diesel at 204bhp and £26,535. The range breaks down as follows;

ModelDoorsEngineOutputBMW OTR Price
116i ES3petrol122£17,610

116i Sport3petrol122£17,610

116i Sport5petrol122£18,145

116i ES5petrol122£18,145

116d ES3diesel116£18,790

116d Sport3diesel116£18,790

116i SE3petrol122£18,850

16d Sport5diesel116£19,335

116d ES5diesel116£19,335

116i SE5petrol122£19,385

118d ES3diesel143£19,940

118d Sport3diesel143£19,940

116d SE3diesel116£20,030

116i M Sport3petrol122£20,405

118d Sport5diesel143£20,485

118d ES5diesel143£20,485

116d SE5diesel116£20,575

118i SE3petrol143£20,790

116i M Sport5petrol122£20,940

118d SE3diesel143£21,180

118i SE5petrol143£21,335

116d M Sport3diesel116£21,585

118d SE5diesel143£21,725

116d M Sport5diesel116£22,130

118i M Sport3petrol143£22,345

120d SE3diesel177£22,670

118d M Sport3diesel143£22,735

118i M Sport5petrol143£22,890

120d SE5diesel177£23,215

118d M Sport5diesel143£23,280

120d M Sport3diesel177£24,160

120d M Sport5diesel177£24,705

123 d M Sport3diesel204£25,985

123 d M Sport5diesel204£26,535

BMW 1 Series Review

So what does the trade think?
Diesel derivatives the best, they are good value holders though will be a high price at a year old. The appeal is colour sensitive and must have the comfort pack to maximize profit.

Versions with leather seats are the best sellers (£990 optional extra) .

Automatic transmission (not available on the 116d ES, SE and M-sport and as an optional extra on all other models for £1,460 and £1,545 (mounted gearshift paddles) on 123d) are highly sought after in the trade.

Good model line up and destined to be a vital car in the BMW line up as a multipurpose medium sized hatchback, although the rather basic lower end models will struggle for a market unless priced realistically.

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  1. CarSales April 6, 2011 at 6:56 am #

    Had one of these was a great car! no power thou with the 2.0

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