New Mazda2 model will achieve 70 MPG

Mazda has revealed that its next Mazda2/Demio supermini would get fuel economy of 70 mpg without the help of an electric motor, in all probability rendering it the most fuel-efficient petrol car on the road.

The car will be launched in Japan in the first half of next year and will be the first product to be equipped with Mazda’s next-generation petrol and diesel engine and transmission technology, dubbed SKYACTIV.

Mazda is aiming to improve fuel economy on its cars by 30% by 2015 compared with 2008 levels by introducing the SKYACTIV technology on all of its cars by around 2016. It then plans to build on its current technologies to develop hybrids, plug-in hybrids and pure electric cars beyond 2015.

While Mazda has no hybrid system of its own, it is seen as among the most advanced car manufacturers in internal combustion engine and weight reduction technology.

Mazda said its new direct injection petrol engine achieves substantial mileage improvements mainly due to the world’s highest engine compression ratio.

Source: Automotive News

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