Take advantage of the chaos – buy a new car now!

Right now car buyers are in short supply in the showrooms of Great Britain and dealers have had to become very innovative in how they market their cars, but also how they incentivise their staff to work harder for that sale.

Customers shouldn’t be surprised that they reside on someone’s database and they get harangued with a barrage of letters or emails and phone calls telling of the latest special deals on offer at their local car showroom.

It is very much a case of back to basics at present, the economic gloom and talk of cuts are not perhaps conducive to selling large volumes of cars and usually people tend to soldier on with their existing jalopy than use what little extra cash they have to change vehicle.

This however may not be the best policy as, if we hunt around there are some great deals on offer with some exceedingly tempting packages. For example many car makers in trying to hit their volume targets will offer their dealer network new cars with 30% off which will then be translated into large savings for car buyers.

These deals aren’t always about and are with limited numbers and choices but with delivery mileage and massive savings off list they are certainly worth pursuing. Deals are currently being offered by VW, Ford and BMW to name a few with genuine savings if your not to precious about getting the exact model you re after you could easily bag a bargain.

We are being told that buyers are driving a hard bargain in showrooms presently and although this is exactly the right thing to do, after all the business is built on haggling, it is also quite dispiriting for car salespeople when customers come in and expect literally thousands of pounds in discount when the average car dealer will tell you that he is lucky to retain more than £800 per unit.

Before we feel too sorry however with all the other products on offer such as payment protection and GAP insurance along with paintwork protection, selling the car for profit is taking a back seat compared to what dealers can earn from the add-ons.

It is a time to be realistic and demand the service all customers deserve but at the same time remembering that dealers need to be profitable and that sales people need to pay their bills.

Profit should never be a dirty word but with that profit should come a first class experience and the excitement of driving away in your new car and telling all your friends how wonderful life is and, of course, how great your friendly local car dealer has been.

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