German cars are the best, get over it

The economies in China and India are the shining lights amid global economic darkness and companies have embraced the stunning growth happening there. None more so than car companies and at the pinnacle of this growth are the German car makers, especially VW.

We have seen here, amidst the doom and gloom and without the security blanket of scrappage, German car manufacturers continuing to buck the trend and currently occupy 7 of the top 20 positions in our latest Car Maker’s Premier League with many are outperforming last year.

The reasons for this are pretty obvious, and although there are some great cars being built and sold by other car manufacturers, the Germans continue to lead the market in design and aspiration, with the stunning A5 Audi being an MTI favourite.

The fact is many of these German built models also carry the best residuals and lead the way in reliability and performance and without wishing to turn this into an advert for German car makers it is hard to ignore the stunning successes they are currently enjoying.

Let’s take some of the models which are currently all the rage.

The VW golf still the trendiest of hatch backs, the new X3 selling like the proverbial hotcakes, the absolutely beautiful r8 spyder, the MINI which continues to grow in popularity and of course the aforementioned A5.

They removed the first line “Deutschland, Deutschland über alles” (Germany, Germany over all) from the national anthem in Germany after the second world war but, like it or not, in terms of car manufacturing the Germans are certainly “above all” and there are likely to be many more German cars on the roads of the world’s highways over the coming years.

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2 Responses to German cars are the best, get over it

  1. Steven Liska November 8, 2010 at 8:13 pm #

    Yes, of course the Germans make the best cars, as long as you don’t include the japanese…

    • David November 9, 2010 at 6:19 pm #

      hahaha, that was a good one

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