Over land and sea to Sweden in a 15 year old Toyota Corolla…part two

Following on from part one of this “adventure” Jenny has now got her snow tyres on, Bridgestone Blizzack I think they’re called. She had her idle speed successfully slowed down at Abigail’s in Acle, who also discovered that the water in the radiator had dropped by about a litre so I’m obviously a little worried about that. The oil is low to boot. She had a service a couple of weeks ago so more than a bit worried about the oil but we couldn’t spot a leak. Chap in Acle thinks, if anything it is the crank seal.

Have been reviewing the route today and trying to decide whether to add a £60 ferry from Germany to Denmark which could save us 200 miles, but the AA Routefinder is down at the moment so will have to take another look this evening. Jenny is going in for some d bushes at City tyres again today and then on Friday we kit her up and off we go. Was going to leave buying snow chains until Germany but might drop into Halfords before we set off.

Only other job I would like to do is replace the front 2 front speakers as they are busted and I hope to borrow an in-car CD thing for the kids so want to be able to push the stereo to the front.

Another job also comes to mind which is to do the light realignment for driving on the continent and put a new floor in the boot as the current one is from another car and does not actually fit at all!

Come back for regular updates as we report on the progress.

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