Overland to Sweden in a 15 year old Toyota Corolla…part three

Latest update: Following on from part two of this “adventure”, much like the batting collapse suffered by the England cricketers over in Perth at the moment things have not got off to a good start and we are now communicating with Nick via SMS as the laptop, rather than anything mechanical, is the first thing to break down. We do know they boarded the ferry successfully at Dover and that Nick is somewhat concerned that Jenny is rather “low on her axles” and that he may have to off load some of the heavier of his wives relatives Christmas presents to aleviate some of the strain.

He is adamant that he will get some pictures over to us as soon as possible and that him and the family remain in good spirits.

And perhaps they should be. The 7th generation Toyota Corolla is a well built, reliable car that should, all things considered, be man enough for the task. When the 7th generation was originally released Toyota’s then development chief Dr. Akihiko Saito’s stated aim was to produce “a mini Lexus”.

On the downside this is the 1.3 Xli version we are talking about so maybe a sizeable element of luck will be needed to complete the journey and, of course, make it back home again!

It’s early days and still a week to go until Christmas Day so with fingers crossed for a good tail wind let’s hope they make it on time.

Come back for regular updates as we report on the progress.

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