Prices hotting up as snow melts

In most areas the snow is trying to melt and, low and behold, back come those lost car buyers. Panic over lads!

That’s the cry coming from many a showroom this week and, right on cue, prices resurge at the auctions.

Our guys on the road are reporting brisk trade generally for the time of year and buyers looking to take advantage pre-vat increase.

Interestingly anything which looks remotely like a four wheel drive is making thousands more than it would have done before all the recent bad weather hit – and brought the country to a standstill once again.

The reality is, that for many professional and private buyers alike, there is a distinct shortage of premium brand product particularly Land Rover.

If you were lucky enough to buy a few weeks ago then spare a thought for someone buying right now, as they will pay quite a bit more for that Range Rover Sport!

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