Come on dealers it’s not rocket science

Surprise surprise! The bad news has only just begun to take effect and already we are hearing stories of many people looking to downsize or sell so they only have one car to maintain.

Dealers still don’t seem to be properly geared up to make the process of buying cars from private sources easy enough to appeal to customers. This explains the massive success of the car buying sites like and which, although don’t necessarily give the best price, at least they do actually give a price and appear to have found the secret to successfully buying thousands of cars.

They make the process as hassle free as possible and make a compelling case for considering selling to them even though there is probably more cash to be had by doing a bit more homework and attempting to find someone in a dealership that actually wants to buy the car. One thing’s for sure with the very real likelihood of less quality cars about and subsequently far less choice on the wholesale market, dealers will need to wise up and quickly if they are to stock their forecourts this year.

This means providing a simple and easy process for allowing customers to sell their cars back to the dealer network, either that or give the profits to a car buying site and then buy the same cars through the auction!

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One Response to Come on dealers it’s not rocket science

  1. Mark Robbins January 18, 2011 at 10:14 am #

    Have you actually seen the type of cars are putting through the sales lately? we have!

    Our local auction house here in Essex is a clearing ground for the nearby Chelmsford depo of WBAC, most if not all are the sort of cars no respectful dealer would want as a part exchange anyway, the usual motley assortment of French, space ship mileage, basic specs (mostly in doom blue) unwanted and unloved automobiles, every day without fail our sales staff direct people to their sites for one reason only………. we dont want their car and more importantly, WBAC has become a dumping ground for seriously problematic cars both Private AND Retail (the dealer simply registers it in a friends private name and hey presto the trouble is gone!)

    No, good luck to them, they work a numbers game, and a seriously successful one we will admit, but buy their cars at auction?…………………….No thank you.

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