When is a great deal not a great deal?

I have heard lots of sorry stories over the years about buyers who thought they had nabbed themselves a bargain but which later turned out to be a nightmare. We still hear on an almost daily basis in the trade of well intentioned husbands and partners who think it would be a great idea and a lovely surprise to buy their loved ones a lovely car only to find out two weeks later that they can’t stand it, wont drive it and so therefore the nice new car needs to be sold and usually for a whopping great loss!

It is probably something that happens in all walks of life it just happens that getting a car buying decision wrong is not lie taking a pair of shoes or some perfume back to the shop. A car, unlike those items, can’t always be changed for something similar.

Perhaps as we now live in such “enlightened” times and as we have seen recently in the Andy Gray and Richard Keys “scandal” that the ladies can probably make up their own mind what they like and what they don’t want to drive. As many other big decisions in life seem to be taken jointly perhaps some men feel that choosing a car is the last bastion of power they still have or perhaps it is too much to contemplate that women can know about cars and performance and spec.

Either way we say if you let them make up their own minds expensive buying mistakes may not be quite so regular.

However it might unfortunately mean paying more than you generous chaps planed to in the first place!

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