Cabs looking good again

If I am not greatly mistaken the sun started to shine this weekend and the days somehow seemed longer. OK it might be a tad wistful but I really do think I noticed the first few sprouts of colour in the flower beds and although the temperatures didn’t quite match the bright blue skies it most definitely feels like spring is may be upon us. I even noticed an old boy in his Mazda MX-5 with the hood down which I thought was rather daring, given the fact that it was so cold.

According to the auctions cabs are already rising in price and getting in early may not be a bad thing if that’s the kind of car that floats your boat and let’s face it these days you will be quite spoilt for choice.

I can hardly think of a car maker that doesn’t have a drop top or two in its stable and therefore the very British pursuit of owning a rag top is about to have its seasonal fanfare. Of course in recent years the cc’s have become de rigueur in the cab kingdom being the multi propose car they are. A hard top for the winter with fully electric sliding top for the summer and although nobody has yet made a truly sexy but at the same time practical and affordable version then we will have to carry on with the selection we have.

This summer look out for the Audi A3, a slow starter but starting to catch on, the Peugeot 307 cc always a summer favourite and good vfm. The beetle cab is enjoying its swansong before being replaced and therefore probably likely to be good value. How about the VW eos, which has apparently stopped leaking especially in the later models? Then there’s the old favourite the mx-5, the timeless two seater which is starting to achieve classic status with a reasonable price tag to match and a great following.

According to many in the business a classy looking cab which looks value as a used car is the Volvo c70 convertible which at £30k new looks great value at 3 yrs old at around the £13,000 mark and the Mini convertible which is a little stunner and here to stay for many years.

Power ballads at the ready, big moon shades on ladies and gents start your engines and release your hoods!

Here are 10 of the best cabs under £25,000 new.

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