Car Makers Premier League – February 2011

It’s time once more for the Car Makers Premier League where each and every month we examine the top 20 manufacturers by number of units registered and see just how they look when compared with the previous month. At the end of the year who will be crowned champion? Who will drop out of the top 20 as the year unfolds and which high achievers will be promoted?

February’s statistics (based on the SMMT figures for UK new car registrations in February 2011) turned out to be better than a lot of industry “experts” and most people in the trade were expecting, with the headline figure for the month being a 7.7% decline to 63,424 units.

In February 2010 the market, buoyed by scrappage, recorded a 26.4% increase on the previous year to 68,686 units with nearly 20% of these registrations being down to the scheme.

Overall the top 10 positions outperformed the market this month with the top two of Mercedes (a creditable 38% up on February 2010) and Nissan (37% up on last year) being some distance ahead of the competition. In third place with a rather more modest 28% increase is Audi. In fact all the top 10 managed to improve on February 2010 and 6 of the top 10 positions belong to German owned manufacturers (Mercedes, Audi, Mini, BMW, Skoda and VW).

This month we have lost Land Rover (once again) and Volvo who both failed to register enough unites to put them in the top 20 (740 units – down 46% and 651 units – down 19% respectively). We welcome back Suzuki this month whose 5% increase to 820 units brings them back to 10th position. We also welcome back Mini shooting back into the top 20 at number 6 with a 21% increase on last year (1,173 units up from 973).

Bad news this month for Kia, as they prop up the table with a disappointing 54% decline, down of course almost entirely to the loss of scrappage registrations. Also a steady decline for Renault, their lack of form recently could see them end up in a relegation dog fight.

A “better than expected” month and the SMMT remain upbeat; “February new car registrations were better than expected and whilst below 2010 levels, they were significantly ahead of 2009 and on an improving trend.”

Plate change month March should be very interesting indeed.

Car Makers Premier League February 2011

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2 Responses to Car Makers Premier League – February 2011

  1. tom bennett March 4, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    up the germans

  2. Anonymous March 27, 2011 at 3:50 pm #

    Toyota should not be out of the top 5 on that list as yes they have lost the plot with sports cars recently but in 80’s and 90’s they had a bulletproof reputation. The Supra with its 3.0 Inline 6 is listed as having the most potential from all the japanese cars at the time. They were also rather sucessful in motorsport as they have won the World Rally Championship twice i believe, 2nd place finish at LeMans with the GtOne, Won the BTCC championship, 2nd in Nascar, Won the JGTC or Super GT many times and i think a podium in F1. No Japanese manufacturer has been involved in so much. Yes now they have lost their taste in Sports Cars (Except the LFA) but a return in motorsport will be soon and another championship awaits.
    Cars such as the Avensis, Corolla, Auris, Yaris and many more, are superb cars that are reliable and good to drive. Yes many say they are being built with no passion, but say when you turn to a BMW or VW would you expect there to be passion ? no the main people for passion are the italians with Ferrari. The reason why Toyota is getting a bad rep is because they are being bad mouthed, by people such as Jeremy Clarkson who you can see is trying to damage the rep of Toyota by trying to be funny. Also the recall has hurt the reputation but still Toyota have paid compensation and recalled many vehicles to put them right. This company is one of the best manufacturers in the market and they should not be put down, after all they are the biggest car maker in terms of sales as well as a sucessful motorsport team as well.

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