Good deals will be available for the patient car buyer

The onset of British Summertime has coincided with the change in popularity of what sells and what sticks. 4wd vehicles are not fetching the premium they were a short while ago and, with a run of sunshine, cabs are making their seasonal comeback, seeing prices starting to harden.

MPV’s will soon also start to have their say and flex their muscles as we look to save a bit of cash and maybe consider England’s green and pleasant lands for our annual holiday.

As the full effect of the coalition cuts start to take effect, the situation in car sales will mirror people’s attitudes towards saving money and desire to be more economical.

Extended lead times do not help and the lack of choice is likely to keep prices of used cars artificially high. However in April we are likely to see, with plenty of holiday time, the chance for buyers to get the first really good deals of the year.

The first quarter is always the most profitable time for car dealers and from now on its likely only to get tougher but for the canny car buyer there are certainly some good deals to be flushed out if you know where to look. In addition car dealers will be bending over backwards to gain the business.

The frustrating thing, when looking to change into a new car and hoping to get a good deal, is that the best deals always seem to be advertised on cars you don’t actually want and when a buyer wants something just a little different or a car that might just take a little more effort to get, the deals are generally not so good. However have no fear that will almost certainly change the further the year goes on and the fewer buyers there are about.

So if you can be patient there will be every chance of finding the right deal on the right car with a sympathetic dealer, one that will want lots of customers for a smaller potential profit but who will give themselves every opportunity to gain repeat and referred business.

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