It’s not always just about price

As customers, especially when money is too tight to mention, we become just a little bit more demanding. I am finding myself when at a checkout or in a restaurant being a lot less patient with staff in these kind of establishments as I feel they should all be working harder to ensure that I come back.

I am a little bit old school in that way in that if I am eating out and the food misses the boat a bit but the staff have made my evening special by being attentive and efficient and made me feel genuinely welcome I will much rather go back another time because I have enjoyed the experience even if I can get better food elsewhere. I am the same in a supermarket and as much as my week’s grocery shop needs to be competitive it is also about how I am treated and whether the experience was stress free and the staff helpful and friendly.

Of course what constitutes value for money and a great experience for me may differ from what others think, but from a starting point of wanting a customer to come back some of these things have to be important to all of us.

In the car business everyone by now will be aware of this and I was heartened recently when a general manager was chatting to a customer and thanking him for his business. The customer happened to remark that although he had been offered a slightly better deal elsewhere he had decided that the sales woman who had been looking after him was so professional and helpful that it was worth the extra money for the peace of mind that this particular sales exec gave him.

This is not likely to sway everyone as every penny counts but it is a lesson to all businesses that making the extra effort to make the experience special may just get that extra car sold or workshop booking made and encourage that goodwill to be spread elsewhere.

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3 Responses to It’s not always just about price

  1. Tom March 15, 2011 at 11:04 am #

    You are right – customer service which offers something a little bit special can make all the difference – I completely agree. Especially in the motor trade industry – customer service is very important.

  2. Mark Robbins March 19, 2011 at 10:23 am #

    Wait a minute? You will happiy go out and have a meal at a restaurant that “misses the boat” as you put it, but because the staff were attentive and efficient you will happily go back and eat again even though you know you can get better food elsewhere!

    Come on? That’s a bit like saying “I bought a used car from a garage and it wasn’t really that great, but because the sales staff were attentive and efficient I would happily go back and buy another, even though I know I could have bought better elsewhere”

    The day I hear a customer say they got a better deal elsewhere but because we were all so nice they will give us more money, i will eat my (porkpie) hat …………………………………….

  3. rex_imperator March 21, 2011 at 11:34 pm #

    Mark: Time to eat your porkpie hat. I have purchased a number of Range Rovers from the same dealership. Quite a way from where I live and I drive past two others to get to this one. But sales and service staff were really helpful when the vehicles inevitably went wrong. Fought for out-of-warranty repairs for me with LR. My local dealer (where I know the principal personally) kept nagging me to come back, and offered a better deal on my last purchase. But I stuck with the team I knew and who had looked after me.

    Alas, the Rang Rover let me down just once too often and my wife decided we couldn’t keep going through LR’s hassle. The last one was off the road for over 70 days in four years plus six days for routine servicing. So its off to competitors now.

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