New car buyers have never had it so good

You have often heard on our blog that for the last 10 years there has not been a bad car produced, the choices are all based on price and aesthetics. Well those facts are starting to be born out as cars, which traditionally would encourage buyers to change at 80-100k, are now clicking past the 200k range and still going strong.

One of the few things that have improved beyond all recognition is the quality of new cars and the improvement in design and specification. For not a whole bunch of extra cash, it is still possible to buy a new car with fairly good spec on an entry level model for a reasonable deposit and a realistic monthly payment. Perhaps most importantly being in massive negative equity is a thing of the past due to innovations in finance packages but also the general improvement in residual values.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that you could buy a Rover, Ford or Vauxhall not to mention Saab or Volvo and lose virtually half its value as soon as it left the forecourt. The standing joke in the trade was that people who drive these cars only end up buying another because the value, after such a short time, means only the original dealer could supply them a new car because they would keep heavily subsidising them in order to keep them as customers.

Of course these days, apart from the now defunct rover which was finally put out of its misery, the other players have significantly raised their game and all can offer models which have market appeal and hold their own in looks and design.

For today’s car buyer they have never had so much choice and don’t have to worry about how badly their new car will depreciate but just get on with the joy of driving their it whatever it maybe. Having a CD, or iPod connection, a/c in the summer and a heater that warms them up in the winter might explain why there are so many more drivers on the road; it is one of the very few places where we can spend time on our own doing what we want to do in comfort. It’s a place where no one can get to us and being fairly sure the car won’t break down and if it does it will be diagnosed fairly quickly and the part replaced under warranty leads to a warm sense of security.

In short driving has never been more comfortable and enjoyable as it is today and I don’t know about you I don’t even mind being stuck in traffic as long as I have my compilation of Bad Company classics to listen to they can do their worst.

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