New Ford Focus – official launch

I think I can speak from personal experience when I say Ford have certainly come along way. My first car was a mark II 1.3 Escort and I drove myself to the airport today in my wife’s 2002 mark IV Fiesta Freestyle and obviously the latest generation of Ford’s knock spots of their predecessors.

My destination was Glasgow where the good people at Ford have invited me to the press launch of the new Ford Focus, which is taking place all this week at a stunning country hotel just outside Glasgow.

Straight off the plane, into the transport (Ford Galaxy of course) dump the bags, quick cup of coffee and out onto the country roads in the 1.6 “Ecoboost” 150ps Titanium.

Now, of course, Ford are putting me up at a very nice hotel and they probably want me to say nice things about their new Focus given how important a car it is for them. Well I am not going to disappoint them. In a way part of me wishes it wasn’t quite as good as it is because that would give this piece a little more edge but I honestly loved it.

When I was driving it I had to keep reminding myself that, yes this is a Focus. From the push button start (depress the clutch and push the button as the Sugababes sing) to the blind spot information system that illuminates an amber warning light on the door mirror when someone is overtaking and they enter your blind spot (what a fantastic little feature that is) everything added to a genuine feeling of refinement and technological advancement. There were other neat little touches like road sign recognition system and park assist, part of an impressive “Driver Assistance Pack”

The “Ecoboost” 1.6 engine feels almost diesel like in its pulling power and according to the press pack is capable of around 47mpg. I didn’t carry out a scientific analysis of the petrol used on my 60 mile trip (yes I did get lost) but if the petrol gauge was anything to go by, not much.

So far so good and tomorrow it’s the turn of the 2.0 TDCi 140ps for an MTI run out. I actually can’t wait.

More to follow…

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