Used cars are very seasonal – don’t get caught out

4wd season looks to be well and truly over as the bad weather has subsided and the daffodils sprouting alert us to spring and warmer times ahead. It was not so long ago that just finding a decent late plate suv was like searching for hens teeth, and even then it would cost the national debt of a small third world country to acquire. Of course, then you had to hold your breath to see if there was a profitable margin and a buyer prepared to pay the premium.

We are rather like sheep in this country and when there is thick snow and ice around it can often seem like we have gone back to the ice age and this is how it will always be. Some people are only too quick to change into an off roader even though it may not have been a previous consideration and maybe not a car that would suit their purpose over the long term.
In this part of the world we are certainly led by clearly defined seasons and trends with car buying. Decisions tend to run parallel with those seasons and that’s the way it always seems to have been.

I have witnessed recently a buyer thinking of trading in a 2 year old Land Rover Discovery which, a few weeks ago, were in desperately short supply and therefore a trade premium was paid for the best examples. In this case the potential buyer decided to delay his decision by a matter of weeks only to be told last week that the same cars was now worth £3k less. That is the way it can work, 4wd’s will still sell all year around but not necessarily in the same volumes as in winter months and certainly not at the high prices paid in the high demand times.

We have often observed buyers who buy cabriolets in the height of summer when demand is at its highest and sell in December when the cars are practically the kiss of death. But realistically why would anyone want to sell their cab in the summer when they get most enjoyment from what little warm sunshine is ion offer?

So here we are in March when the long winter evenings are just about behind us and attention is turned to holiday choices. There are usually quite a few mpv’s sold during this period but especially where people, who are watching the purse strings more this year, could look at the option of changing their car and having a UK touring holiday in it as well. So anyone wanting a people carrier is probably best looking at some of the great new models on offer and at some fantastic deals as well.

However, with choice likely to become limited over the spring months, it is a decision best made sooner rather than later. Take advantage of lower prices and the dealers keenness to sell models which may have been in stock when demand for mpv’s was much lower than its likely to be right now.

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