Car choice and price in April may not be bettered this year

The many and various bank holidays and Easter school break in the month of April mean that with only 18 days trading and many people taking a holiday it is likely to be a difficult month for car dealers. A difficult period in a market that many believe is getting harder.

The influx of part-exchanges from late March are still finding their way on to the wholesale market giving trade buyers more choice than they have had for some time and helping to cool prices considerably in the process.

The auctions are suddenly seeing more unsold and re-entered cars than for quite some time and sale conversions are falling.

Although the underlying picture is still one of cautions optimism, there is likely to be pressure on late plate cars as manufacturers offer their network much bigger financial incentives on new cars in order to try and stimulate the market. This will make late plate versions of similar models look expensive.

Dealers will be under major pressure to reduce their ageing stock profile and keep tight management of their stock in general with particular attention paid to ensuring their cars are priced to the changing market.

This situation is likely to be quite temporary as there are still likely to be a lack of quality retailable cars around.

For car buyers looking for a used or new car this month it is likely that both the choice and price may not be bettered at any other time this year.

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