It could be you!

Did you know that on the 18th December last year some lucky individual won the jackpot on that days national lottery draw, totalling £956,813? However that person is yet to claim their prize and have until 16th June to do so. Maybe they already have a lot of money and can’t be bothered (in which case please give it to me) but it got me thinking of all the lovely cars they could (or not if they don’t come forward) buy with their great big pile of lovely cash.

You never know, they may have always had a hankering for life as a motor trader (why on earth would they? I hear you ask) but just never had the capital. So let’s help them out a bit and discover the best cars they should fill their lottery funded forecourt with.

They could buy (ahem) 3 Rolls Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe’s and have a chunk of change left over for a gourmet coffee maker for the showroom.

Perhaps a couple of Ferrari F70’s and use the change to buy some nice branded ski jackets and a tank of petrol for each one?

If that sounds a bit daft how about just the 1 Pegani Zonda c9 or a single Maybach Landaulet, with just enough change for a tin of instant coffee for your punters?

No I didn’t think so. OK how about the other end of the scale; 108 Proton Gen-2’s or 637 Tata Nano’s?

Perhaps not.

So let’s get serious for a minute. The motor trade is not generally thought of a great place to invest your money for a good and, more importantly, quick return but there are some “easy wins” if you have access to the sort of capital our shy and retiring lottery winner has.

What you need to do is play the market as it were and in car retailing that can be relatively easy if you are prepared to wait a few months.

Let’s say our lottery winner claimed their prize the very next day, they could have done a lot worse than scour the country for 83 “09” plate Mini Cooper convertibles. Sold this summer they would give our winner an even bigger smile turning their £956,813 into £1,203,500

Alternatively if they claim their prize on Monday then 24 “60” plate Range Rover Sport’s might be in order as they have dropped so much in price recently that sold next winter they should warm the cockles of our winners heart by netting him a £100,000 profit!

That’s got to be better than putting it in the bank.

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