It’s a car buyers market so get in quick

It’s hardly a big shock that big engine petrol cars are having somewhat of a struggle finding people to buy them at present. However for those fortunate enough not to need a car for lots of miles or alternatively just need something for the weekend, there are most certainly some potential bargains to be had.

The market hasn’t discriminated, nothing except the very top of the range cars which only very few of us can afford have been affected, but you can pick up some tasty examples. For example a 3 year old BMW X5 4.8 for £20k when the list price new is £60k and gas guzzling Mercs and Audis are also out there for beans if you don’t mind filling up every other day and getting on first name terms with the nice lady at the petrol station.

Interestingly although buyers are looking in the direction of smaller economical cars with lower service and maintenance costs, buyers are still seeking out as much spec for their sterling as possible. They are simply not prepared to accept base spec models; the car has to have a fair trim level and a few toys to get them to pay remotely what the dealer is asking.

It is certainly a buyer’s market out there and dealers have to work very hard for every deal. Of course buyers will benefit as a result of this, and according to many in the industry values could drop further in June before levelling out for a time.

The timing of buying a car may never be so crucial and canny buyers who catch the market right could just end up with a real little peach for a car at a three years ago price, when values last started to plummet like they are now!

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