Behind the wheel of the new Ford Focus week 3

If you remember last week’s instalment I left you with a little bit of a cliff hanger (well that probably makes it sound a little more exciting than it actually was but you get the idea). The Focus had been banging on about the tyre pressures all week and yes I had checked them and they seemed OK so I figured it must be some sort of computer fault. So as promised I did ring the local Ford dealer and I explained the issue and they asked me to bring it down on Tuesday so they can get someone in the workshop to “plug it in”. Notice they didn’t say “have a look at it” but “plug it in”. Apparently they have to hook the car up to a diagnostic computer and the car will then blurt out everything that is troubling it (as if it were in some sort of therapy). The “technician” (notice I didn’t say mechanic) will then have a full report about exactly what is troubling the car direct from the horse’s mouth, no not from me, the driver, but of course from the car itself.

I arrived at the dealership as planned and the service centre receptionist asked me if I was leaving the car with them as it might be a long wait. I explained that I was only in town for an hour as I was going shopping with my wife (please not longer than an hour I thought) who was waiting outside in crossover review car the BMW X1 (move over Mitsubishi ASK there’s a new, expensive sheriff in town…but more on that in the review). The receptionist explained to me that the “diagnostics” were currently hooked up to another car (they obviously only have the one diagnostic machine) and it might take longer than the previously promised hour. No problem I said, I’m coming back in an hour and if you haven’t had a chance to look at it (sorry “plug it in”) by then I’ll just drive it home as the nagging message was tiresome but (hopefully) not the end of the world.

I returned in an hour and the car was sorted. Tyre pressures corrected and message gone. Apparently there is a printed on the inside of the door which tells you the correct tyre pressure (see image) this is then matched to the on board computer and hey presto! Message eliminated rather than illuminated.

Well done to Busseys Ford in Dereham, Norfolk.

On the way back I decided to go the long way and, how can I put this, kick the Focus in the guts. Well it didn’t disappoint me. Ecoboost or not the 148bhp engine feels powerful and responds beautifully. I wouldn’t exactly say that the road signs delivered to the dashboard via the road sign recognition system were blurred but I certainly had fun!

The Focus also came in handy when sheltering from the torrential downpour during my children’s sports day and the feeling of cosy warmth as it bucketed down outside was only marred by the absence of a sunroof so we could look at the massive raindrops.

MPG continues to be impressive; 46 miles per gallon on average. We might go to the beach Sunday if it ever stops raining.

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