A bit of common sense in the clocking debate

Surely it is inevitable that, given the overwhelming evidence in front of the government, mileage correction companies will be outlawed or at the very least heavily regulated like companies who carry out MOT tests.

In the long run whatever the motivation to ‘clock’ a car, whether it be for financial gain in the case of the “dodgy” car dealer or avoiding financial mileage penalties in the case of the actual end user, we will ultimately all end up potentially suffering somehow.

In the most extreme of clocking cases someone could end up driving a “death trap” because of the fact that parts and major engine components may not have been replaced because the mileage would not deem an examination necessary. In less extreme cases the reputation of car dealers would continue to be sullied despite the fact that most are fastidious in carrying out car data checks and doing their utmost to prove the integrity of the cars they sell.

Clearly the responsibility to ensure we are protected from this menace rests with three sources. Firstly the manufacturers who I’m sure can invest in the technology to store all mileage information within the car which can be accessed at any time by the dealer or repairer. Secondly the dealer themselves who can ensure that all relevant maintenance and mileage information on any car they sell or service is accessible to all and thirdly the government who could help to solve the problem by regulating the mileage correction companies or preferably, from our point of view, outlawing them.

From a general point of view – and to maybe make it more difficult to carry out this practice away from the dealer customer relationship – it would be very easy to change the wording on the V5 document which needs to be filled in when a car changes ownership. At present the mileage entry box is optional so why don’t we make it a rule that the correct mileage must be entered at point of sale between two parties and signed to say as such when the V5 is processed at the DVLA?

There are many bodies within the car industry that are likely to be lobbying the relevant government departments and the DVLA. MTI puts its fully supports any attempt to eradicate the growing menace of car clocking.

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