What is good service?

At MTI, as you should all know by now, we certainly have a passion for cars, but essentially our passion is more for the car business.

There is no other form of mass retailing that gets people on both sides as emotional and provokes such strong feelings as the personal nature of buying a car.

Not every car of course, but there will always be a time in all our lives when we think;

“Yes I can’t wait to go and collect my new or used car I am excited beyond belief!”

The challenge has always been matching the customer expectation with the reality and hoping they have something in common. In this car business we tend to celebrate when a letter of commendation comes in and you can be sure that everyone knows who has delighted what customers with some fantastic tale of customer centricity. However many is the time I read these letters, prominently displayed in car showrooms, and think surely it should be like this every time?

On the other hand in the quest for first class service sales execs can often go too far in trying to love their customers and end up scaring them away, so striking the right balance is essentially a skill that maybe can’t be taught.

There are still many in the trade who believe that some customers only believe they are getting good service if they get a great deal, which begs the question what is good service? It’s a topic we have tried to cover many times before but it’s a bit like trying to nail a blancmange to the wall, and we are probably no nearer to finding a definitive answer because it means something different to all individual customers.

Although one thing is for sure if I found a car I loved which was the best price I could find but I hated the sales exec and didn’t care too much for the rest of the people in the showroom would I buy the car from them? You bet your bottom dollar I would because if I can save a thousand pounds from whatever the next best deal is that’s what I call great service and I remind myself of this when I book my flights for the Balearics!

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