You can lead a horse to water…

One question that is always asked during tough times in the motor trade is how do we generate enough leads? And I always follow that up with are you doing enough with the leads that you do create? Unfortunately the tendency in the car trade is, when times are good and enquiry levels are high, for sales execs to cherry pick. The perception being; why spend a long time with one customer when there maybe another along shortly who is further down the buying process and will be more likely to result in a quick sale. We have all been on the end of bad service and ambivalent sales people and unfortunately we almost expect it, but when there are fewer customers out there the car selling network must ensure that what they do is better than the rest to guarantee their share of the buying customers are out there. The positive aspect of the car trade is, being a results driven business and quite a large portion of sales teams income is derived from those results, it tends to continually analyse the important key performance indicators (KPI’s). It does this to make sure that everything than could be done is being done in order to get those results. There is no real hiding place for non achievers the analysis can often be quite brutal. Dealers tend to look first at the level of stock they are holding and whether it is of the right value to sell for a margin. Then they check whether it’s the correct profile for the current market. Are enough enquiries being generated? Are the prices competitive? They will then look at ensuring that cars are prepared and presented to a high standard and that all staff are aware of any price changes and are completely clued in as to what cars are around them and what they are selling for. The generation of leads today is driven by the desirability of the cars and the competitiveness of the prices. Once the enquiry is converted into an appointment, the management need to have confidence that the sales staff are capable and professional enough to ensure that the customer is put in a position that, if they have had a positive experience and are ready to buy, they are given every chance to do so by a process driven sales exec. The point is that for all you customers out there who are in the market for a car wherever you end up, just think about all those factors when doing your research. If the dealer wants your business then they need to demonstrate that they are better than the rest before you give them those 14 digits!
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