Don’t wait for the winter sales – buy now!

As we move into perhaps the most challenging time of the year for car dealers, it is perhaps worth considering that this is probably a very good time to actually be buying a new or used car. The reason being that dealers will look to thin down their inventories in anticipation of re-stocking for the inevitable December and January sales, so they will almost certainly be looking to do some deals.

It seems a bit of a contradiction to say that buying now is the thing to do when the sales are nearly upon us but, believe me, dealers will be more than interested in disposing of ageing stock and therefore it is conceivable that a buyer would get a much better deal by taking the plunge now rather than waiting for the sales.

The winter sales also tend to be much more model specific due to the fact that dealers will have large volumes of a particular model to get a better deal and therefore show customers a saving.

However if the model is not of interest the choice suddenly becomes far more limited and for that reason it is worth trawling the net to find suitable models of interest and then attempting to negotiate a good price with the dealer.

The mindset with dealers at this time of year is to be competitive and as a result of declining showroom footfall, partly due to the economic gloom and partly the time of year, their aim is to be more proactive in how to treat fewer customers.

Realistically the only real way to ensure they are in with a chance of making a sale despite how good their people and processes are, is – yes you’ve guessed it – price and at present all of us are particularly price conscious and are likely to be for some time to come.

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