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‘When Paragon met…. SAAB’

The last twelve months for some car manufacturers could have easily deserved entry into one of our old “Death Watch series”. However after we had to pull the last one for “legal reasons”, I’ve come up with another idea; how many of us have always hankered after owning and running our very own car business? No, I don’t mean some dealer-backed franchise multi site. We’re talking about a car manufacturer. Just like the committed hard-core football fans I’m sure at some point we’ve read the woes of a failing business and argued that we could have run it better. Just imagine taking over a car company and turning it back into a profitable business (we’ll try). Just how easy would it be? Well, I’m about to find out.

Welcome to our imaginary world of The Car Boss. What we’re about to do is play the biggest motoring board game we can come up with. We can make decisions, talk to the big players and hopefully make a success without actually having to risk millions in the process. With real scenarios, companies and people in the business, we will try and do this as if new owners have stepped in. We’ll hire, fire, (don’t worry, we’ll be using fictitious names), improve products, build factories and overhaul the dealer network.

More importantly, like a fresh new board of Directors, we can’t do this without any feedback or criticism. And this is where you come in. How would you like to become a board member of our new company? If you feel you can make a positive contribution then we would like to hear from you. Feel free to leave your views and comments every step of the way.

The list of influential automotive CEO’s we have to live up to will be a mammoth task, but we’ll give a good shot.
So who do we spend our investment with? We’ll, most business-savvy investors generally start small, but not here. We’re about to start at the most difficult point on our board game; SAAB. Crazy?

Yes. But remember, we have an imaginary world at our finger tips and could have a curveball thrown in at any time. And, we don’t just need to stop at SAAB. There are plenty of other car manufacturers out there that could do with our help.

This just could turn out to be like the Premier Automotive Group which ruptured Ford Motor Company, or TATA’s successful investment in Jaguar Land Rover. Exciting if a little nerve-wracking times ahead. And the name of our conglomerate? Paragon Automotive.

Now it’s time to start spending (how good does this feel). The year ahead is certainly going to be a challenging one, but hopefully successful.

Stay tuned.

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One Response to New feature – Car Boss

  1. david w williams January 7, 2012 at 1:42 am #

    count me in,where do you want me and whats my brief

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