Lunch at the dealership

The March deals around are bringing buyers out of hibernation, with many dealers reporting healthy showroom traffic and genuinely quite high conversion rates. The one thing that is sure in life, no matter what the economic climate, we all love a bargain and on quite a few different new cars, that brings major competition for business and the winners are the car buyers.

With fuel on a seemingly never ending spiral upwards it is interesting to see that the manufacturers, many of whom predicted a growth year in new car sales whilst the rest of us forecast no more than static growth, are doing their level best to promote their cars special offers and finance deals to deliver perceived value for money to their customers.

Whilst on a visit to a showroom recently I was struck by how “tuned in” the sales team were in the particular Volvo dealership we were in and how attentive and keen they were that we had a good experience (that shouldn’t be surprising, right?). Unfortunately for them we were on a brochure collecting exercise, usually the thorn in the side of any ambitious sales exec who wants some ‘live’ customers to get his teeth into. This bunch couldn’t have been more helpful though and it got me thinking that perhaps staff in this business really are starting to understand that without customers there is no business and as a result no job.

If the combination of great offers, inviting environment and engaged sales staff is consistently achieved then the future of UK car sales is indeed rosy.

With the investment still pouring into facilities by the manufacturers – despite the feeling that we are moving very much into a technological age of virtual showrooms – it is likely that customers will want to continue to touch and feel and if my experience is anything to go by have a choice of 8 different coffees and several versions of green tea.

We surely can’t be far away from making a day of it and having our lunch in the built in coffee shop either.

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