Silver may be getting old but are we ready for “candy yellow”?

It’s finally official; silver is the new red or green or doom blue and has finally gone out of vogue. Before all you people with silver cars (and at the last count numbering in the many hundreds of thousands) panic, this doesn’t necessarily mean that silver cars are undesirable as such it’s just that, according to many dealers we have been speaking to recently, it’s any colour but silver because people are just downright bored of it we presume.

Of course whilst this sounds like a massive generalisation (and it probably is to be fair) it is also quite relevant to certain makes and models, much the same as it has always been.
For example Ferrari is synonymous with red, VW with black, Mercedes with silver, and so on but now there are just certain models with which silver just doesn’t do it to for the average car buyer. So much so that, with some dealers, they are prepared to devalue a silver car against other colours by as much as £1,000!

This seems especially relevant to 4wd drive cars. We have spoken generally to dealers who sell Audi Q5, Q7 Mercedes ML, VW Touareg and Tiguan, Land Rover Freelander, Discovery and Range Rover and people really are most assuredly looking for alternatives to silver.

Ironically take a classic colour like black and although many people still won’t even consider the colour, it is seen as a “go to” shade in the trade, a colour that will always sell. In addition and as we have said in articles previous to this one, the lifestyle colours of electric greens, blues, yellows, beige and latterly white (AKA the new silver) are really having an impact on traditional thoughts.

With a more cosmopolitan mix of “funky” coloured cars on the road perhaps it’s time for more of us to be brave and take the plunge on a daring new colour, candy yellow anyone?

“Beige” by Ken Nordine (possibly the finest poem ever written about the colour beige)

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