Should have gone to spec savers

With the excitement of the Euro Championships followed by the Olympics and a sprinkling of Diamond jubilee there will be lots going on in the UK this year. However, in the car trade, especially for dealers in the south of the country, it is likely to be a nightmare.

It usually means that people are attending the events, staying at home and watching the events or flying out of the country to escape the events, either way the only guaranteed winners are the food and alcohol retailers who are probably stocking up as we speak. Of course although during these times it is likely that not a lot of cars will be sold those buyers will likely only be deferring the purchase to a different time of the year so in theory there shouldn’t be any less cars sold, and you never know if we actually win something it might even be a boost for the economy!

The situation could in actual fact take care of itself given that later in the year there are likely to be fewer used cars around and if demand is lower anyway then there should not be a significant drop off in potential business and prices should remain fairly strong.

Although buyers are looking for VFM and want to save money by downgrading, in terms of what buyers are looking for – and referring to our recent piece on the specification explosion – the feeling is that car buyers are reluctant, once they have previously enjoyed a certain spec level, to compromise on the next car. This is making it difficult for dealers who have to hunt down very specific cars.

For example we have heard of many cases where heated seats, iPods, Bluetooth, electric sunroofs, centre arm rests and even electric seats have become “must haves” on even run of the mill used cars.

In the future of course – as we have alluded to – even the lead in (“poverty model”) cars are likely to come with generous specification as standard and therefore the next generation of drivers are in for a real treat and immediate comfort and driving pleasure.

Unlike those of us who thought that power steering was a luxury and an air bag was just code for and annoying spouse!

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2 Responses to Should have gone to spec savers

  1. maximile May 1, 2012 at 5:58 pm #

    if only some sales people knew what spec the cars they sell actually has,its amazing that half the time they dont know what is standard and whats an upgrade,do your homework you might get less than you bargained for

  2. Mark R May 3, 2012 at 8:26 am #

    Customers always want more, but want to pay less ! a well specified car with all the right toys, colour, and mileage will ALWAYS sell, and usually for what you are asking, there just isn’t enough of them to go round, and on the subject of spec, there is more to this job than just taking peoples money, know the product inside out, because in the age of the internet you can bet many of your customers definitely will …………. Don’t look a fool

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