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Insurance comparison site have today launched a complete revamp of their website and MTI decided we’d take a look and report back on the user experience their makeover provides. wanted to overhaul their old site and bring it bang up to date and first impressions are good with a nice looking blue gradient as a backdrop with clear, easy to read text and obvious calls to action (it won’t be easy to get lost here).

The brief was to improve the user journey from the time you land on the page right through to actually getting a quote. It’s meant to be an easier, more attractive and quicker process so let’s put it to the test.

On the car insurance page you are presented with a big friendly greeting and no nonsense, unfussy graphics with an box designed to look like a number plate (a la and with a big call to action “Find”. Pop in the reg number click Find and away we go.

People familiar with insurance sites will know all about the kind of information that is required before you can receive your quote but the way the questions are presented here, with sliding actions, big text and big buttons makes the whole process somehow much slicker.

Going through the process was extremely quick and easy (of course if you have all the answers to hand it helps enormously). I went from punching in the reg number to receiving my range of quotes in less than 5 minutes, very impressive.

As I mentioned the brief for the redesign and recoding was to create an easier, more attractive and (probably the most important factor in the modern age of “everything now!”) quicker.
Why not check it out for yourself is part of the BGL group of companies and is famous for its advertising campaigns in the UK featuring Aleksandr Orlov a Meerkat voiced by comedy actor Simon Greenhall.

This article was sponsored by comparethemarket but the opinions expressed are the authors own.

Screenshots of the process below:

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